Fundraising Programs

Consider Hosting a CPR, AED, First-Aid Class for your Non-Profit Group.

               Host a CPR / AED /  First-Aid Class at your location.

Great for School Parent Groups, Churches, Community Groups, Teams.

Your members learn valuable lifesaving skills in a low stress, fun environment, great social event, creates a safer environment at home or at the organizations location.

The organization can raise funds and offer their members a great opportunity to both learn new important skills and at the same time help the organization raise funds. New student CPR and First Aid provider cards are valid for 2 years and must be renewed every 2 years, so it is a great source of regular  ongoing fundraising.

                                       How does it Work?

> We meet, you tell us when and where and we schedule the event.

> You tell us your goals and we will help you meet those goals.

> We can do classes in the evening or on the weekend.

>  We can do classes from 10 to 50, we can bring additional instructors.

> You provide post cards and  post card postage for the event cards, you   address labels.

> You place announcements on your web-site & on your  social media sites. You tell your members to tell other members etc.

> You register your members or we can do the registration for you.

> You collect the class fee, you keep your portion and then pay us before  the start of the class, or we can collect the class fees and release your portion directly to you.

> We can do a CPR / AED class (Adult, Child, Infant training includes Choking First - Aid for all ages included)

>Class fee for your event can be set in advance to meet your goals.

> Heartsaver CPR / AED / Choking First -Aid Class Example: 

Course fee $ 75.00 per person  (You keep $45.00 for each attendee)

We provide all class handbooks and certification cards and all  supplies.

This class will require 3.5 hours to complete.

Combination Course *** Best Return in Fundraising Dollars

> CPR / AED / Choking First-Aid /  First-Aid & Medical Emergency Course

Course fee $125.00 per person  (You keep $60.00 per person)

We provide all class handbooks and certification cards and all supplies.

This class will require 7.5 hours to complete.

> In these dangerous times with both natural and manmade threats, this is a very easy course to market. By offering these clsses  shows concern to your members and now makes your organizations events more safer with more members trained in CPR / AED / First Aid. These skills can be used everywhere including home, work, social functions, etc.

> The classes are all American Heart Association approved courses, First-Aid class is also approved by the American Red Cross. All cards are issued on the same day upon successful course completion.

> Children over the age of  12 can also participate with parents permission and completed permission slip.

*** See course description pages for course information.

* Some restrictions apply

<> Available to non profit organizations only.

<> Any cancellations by participants must be made  3 days in advance.

<> These skills require physical excertion by the participants. 

<> A signed parental approval  is required for any participant under 18. 

<> We are licensed and insured but your venue must also be insured.

<> All venues must be in a safe, well lit, heated or cooled sanitary environment for the safety of all participants.

<> No smoking or alcohalic beverages are allowed in or around the teaching space.

<> All participants must be respectful and polite to all participants and teaching staff. We reserve the right to ask any person to leave the class if they are being disrespectful, acting out or not following directions, so they do not disturb the other class participants from learning.

<>  We request a minimum number of  10  participants for each event.

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