CPR Training Saves Lifes !

An Life is Saved!


            A Response from a Client  to his entire company

Good afternoon, All,

Hope all is well. I received a phone call today from a student who recently took a CPR class, he wanted to call and tell me about what a great instructor James is and how those skills he learned saved his son on a family vacation. 

The student used the skills he learned in his recent CPR class on his 8-month-old son, who was choking. With the skills he learned from our instructor, James H. the student was able to come to his sons rescue and ultimately save him.


“This instructor cared, went into additional detail and took time to answer all questions.  You don’t normally see that in instructors. “

He went on to say that our Instructor made him feel confident in responding to his sons choking incident, he was able to remember the skills and react and did exactly what James taught him to do.

 He cannot thank us or James enough!

·*  Individuals name removed to protect privacy.